Educators of the Mediterranean… Up Close and Personal

Ciritical voices from south europe and the MENA region (link for flyer).
Comparative and International Education: A Diversity of Voices volume 9.
Ronald g. Sultana (ed.). Published by Sense Publishers, for wisdom and awareness,

Middle East

Education against all odds: the Palestinian struggle for survival and excellence /

Gabi Baramki (Palestine) │Searching for praxis and emancipation in an old culture / Murad Jurdak (Lebanon) │ Crossing borders: ambiguities and convictions / Devorah Kalekin-Fishman (Israel) │ A Syrian educationalist in the USA: reflections on human relations, practical skills, and intellectual empowerment / Abdulkafi Albirini (Syria) │ Reflections on education and transformation by a Jordanian-American scholar / Fida Adely (Jordan) │ Turkey: the rise of the Phoenix in education / Ayla Oktay (Turkey)

North Africa

Between enduring hardships and fleeting ideals /

Mohamed Miliani (Algeria) │Retrospective and experiential perceptions on education in Morocco by an engaged observer / M’hammed Sabour (Morocco) │ From the independence generation to the Bouazizi generation: Tunisian education under the spotlight / Ali Hechmi Raddaoui (Tunisia) │Power and struggle for education in Libya: an insider‟s perspective / Abdelbasit Gadour (Libya) │Transforming education, transforming lives in the MENA region / Malak Zaalouk(Egypt)

South Europe

Time, space and educational desire /

Marianna Papastephanou (Cyprus) │ An eventful journey / Marie Eliou (Greece) │ Emotions and rationality in political consciousness / Xavier Bonal (Spain) │ Between sociology and policy of education / Luciano Benadusi (Italy) │ Running aground on a hard rock / Mary Darmanin (Malta) │Travelling, not arriving: an intellectual journey / António Nóvoa (Portugal)

Regional reflections

The educated person and the new capitalism

—a Euro-Mediterranean reflection / Franco Ferrarott │ Education as spaces of community engagement and a „capacity to aspire‟/ André E. Mazawi │The culture of despair: youth, unemployment and educational failures in North Africa / Aomar Boum